about boma adveturesAbout Kili-Boma Adventures

Kili-Boma Adventures is a tour company owned and operated by Tanzanian. The company is based in Hai Bomang’ombe Kilimanjaro – Tanzania. We offer all types of adventures such as;

  • Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing
  • Safari to all Tanzania national parks
  • Zanzibar Holidays tour
  • Cultural tour
  • Day trips

Kili-Boma Adventures gives you the best service at affordable rates with daily departure to all Kilimanjaro routes and safari to all national parks.

We aim to help our clients to understand the true nature of Africa and the African people, while helping the local communities to feel proud of their culture and traditions and to economically thrive.

All of our guides including the chief Guide Jumanne Kolokolo are licensed and registered with the Kilimanjaro National Park Service. We place the highest importance on preserving the Tanzania National Parks and take all efforts to promote ecologically safe practices while on safari and on the mountain.

​Kili-Boma Adventures caters to adventurers for all budget ranges and pride ourselves on uniquely tailored adventures and special service for our clients. Regardless of your budget, we will deliver to you the adventure of a lifetime, with high quality services at reasonable prices.