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Kili-Boma Adventures is a tour company owned and operated by Tanzanian. The company is based in Hai Bomang’ombe Kilimanjaro – Tanzania. We offer all types of adventures such as;

  • Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing
  • Safari to all Tanzania national parks
  • Zanzibar Holidays tour
  • Cultural tour
  • Day trips

Kili-Boma Adventures gives you the best service at affordable rates with daily departure to all Kilimanjaro routes and safari to all national parks.

We aim to help our clients to understand the true nature of Africa and the African people, while helping the local communities to feel proud of their culture and traditions and to economically thrive.

All of our guides including the chief Guide Jumanne Kolokolo are licensed and registered with the Kilimanjaro National Park Service. We place the highest importance on preserving the Tanzania National Parks and take all efforts to promote ecologically safe practices while on safari and on the mountain.

Kili-Boma Adventures caters to adventurers for all budget ranges and pride ourselves on uniquely tailored adventures and special service for our clients. Regardless of your budget, we will deliver to you the adventure of a lifetime, with high quality services at reasonable prices.


ETHICAL EMPLOYEES: Guides, Chefs and porters-Tipping

Our guides are fluent in English and we give first priority to safety and environment in all our daily operation. We all work together and any circumstances to make your experience in Tanzania the most rewarding and unforgettable. Each group will have one lead guide. There is generally one assistant guide per three clients and cook. There are two cooks for every 7 climbers and above. There will be two waiters per group from 7 climbers and above. There will be three porters per group per person from 7 clients (camping routes) and two porters per group per person from 7 clients (accommodation route) and two toilet porters (optional if there is mobile camping toilets needed) from 10 clients to 15 clients. The number of porter is larger for small parties, make your effort to know your porters and their roles if possible. They will be happy and appreciates your coorperations. For the Marangu route and on Mount Meru climb the number of porters is two for each of you in group of 4 and above

  • On a 5 to 6 days trip, each client should expect to tip between $ 160 and $ 200
  • On a 7 to 8 days trip, each client should expect & tip between $ 210 and  $ 310
  • On a 9 to 10 days trip each should expect to tip between $ 260 to $ 310
  • Climbers in a full group of 10 people expect to tip on the lower rates. Climbers on fever people of 4-6 should expect to tip on the higher rates while 1-3 people should expect to tip more of the rates.
  • Tipping is considered as an extra payment after the climb. For Guides/Drivers, cooks and porters are obligatory and part of their income. Giving away your mountain gears are always welcome given as presents and not in place of a cash tips. In Tanzania it is seen as honorable and more personal for hikers to go through the ceremony of giving this offering directly to the people/personal who have made this experience possible.

We offer all types of adventures such as;
*Mount Kilimanjaro climbing.
*Mount Meru trekking.
*Usambara Mountains trekking and hiking.
*Safari to all Tanzania National Parks.
*Zanzibar Holiday Tour.
*Day trips/Cultural tour.
*Mount Kenya climbing.

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P.O.Box 365, Hai Bomang’ombe Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

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